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Mobility Innovation
The mobility industry is undergoing profound disruptions. Social trends and technological developments such as digitization, emissions-free drive systems and urbanization are shaping a new picture of Mobility.
Why so many transportation start-ups are focusing on self-driving autos, but a pedal-powered two-wheeler could be a revolutionary replacement of those horse and buggy?
Startup aims to transform the car services scene like UBER revolutionized the concept of mobility with its ride-sharing services. Transform a traditional car service into a more environment friendly way. 
start-up service plans to entice 100,000 foreign students to Finland to study university programmes. Former Rovio marketing director Peter Vesterbacka has signed on as one of the project's official advisors.

 An app-based grocery store that is made possible by the same types of technologies used in self-driving cars, But how do they see such a conflict between Human labor & Automation. 

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